About Us


Stijn Le Blansch

I Never was the most fit kid out there, Still not by the way. But when I was done with people calling me ‘’chubby,’’ ‘’stocky. ‘’ I started at a gym. I was 15 years old and not that motivated to become really fit, but I went anyways, took a couple of friends with me, you know we had fun, joked around and actually trained. I lost some weight(I wasn’t that overweight though just chubby), and it felt good seeing my body take shape. As I was getting more progress people suddenly didn’t  call me chubby anymore it felt very good to get over something like this. I have a long way to go still. I’m not overweight now,  actually fairly average but I’d like to grow some more,  get some more mass. That’s where studentsfit comes into play. we bring over our workouts and general fitness stuff to the blog and we gladly take comments, feedback from you so we and everyone reading it could learn from it. We’ll all get fit this way.



What we’re planning on doing

Web development is a bitch. We can get around the simple html stuff, but it takes time. As our site has had many revisions we can proudly say we still don’t know shit. Honestly, we’ve learned a bit here and there and by every  revision the site becomes a bit more professional. If the skeleton,  as I like to call it, is finished we’ll start a forum so there is a place besides the blog where people can communicate about fitness and lifestyle. This is the main goal of this website and maybe future app. As the feedback we’ve gotten grows we can build the platform around the community to fit better. That’s the plan.