Hi there,

Two 18 year old college students wanting a side job that doesn’t suck, yep that’s us.
Since November last year we’ve been developing our website.
As we are complete beginners into web development, this brings many challenges that we’re trying to overcome.

StudentsFit is a multi-purpose fitness page, containing numerous posts on general fitness stuff.
The website itself functions as a platform to learn how to do certain exercises and workouts, there are also posts on other topics like cycling and running etc.
We have so much ideas for the platform and we’re very excited for what we will bring the future and what the future has for us.

My name is Stijn I'm Dutch, 18 years old and want to share my views on fitness

I'm Vincent, 18 years old and from the Netherlands. I see it as my goal to educate as much people as I can on staying fit.