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Cycling endurance tips

Alright, so I know quite some people are getting into cycling. Therefore, for the people who are willing to defy these cold winter days and cycle for an hour or two, here are a few tips.


  1. Pack plenty of supplies.

So imagine this; you are 30km away from your home, having developed that perfect flow throughout your ride, but then, when you’re about to grab some water, you realise your bottle is almost empty. You might think that it’s quite obvious to grab enough stuff when going for a ride, yet it has happened to me too often that I don’t pack enough and have to cut my ride short because of that.


  1. Find the balance in your pre-ride meal.

This one might be the hardest on this list, for the simple reason that this can wildly differ for each person. The effects of not having found your balance on your pre-ride meal can be quite destructive. Not eating enough will result in being too tired to go on, yet eating too much will leave you with stomach aches.


  1. Plan your ride.

When going for a long ride, you can perform the best when taking things such as head and tail winds or up and downhill sections into account. This way, you’ll know how much and when you have to give all your power.


  1. Ride with a friend if you have the ability to.

Riding with mates can greatly benefit your ride. When struggling with headwinds you can slipstream and when you’re cycling on a rather boring bit, you’ll have something to entertain you. Just keep in mind that talking will drain quite a lot of energy.


  1. Find a solid pace.

This might be the most important advice I can give you. Being able to find that sweet spot of not draining too much energy, yet going quite fast is one of the most satisfying feelings for a cyclist. Being able to drill on for ages always gives me a kick and a feeling of being able to achieve something. I highly recommend you to find your pace, considering you’ll get so much out of it.


So, these were all the tips I could come up with. What did you think of this article and do you have any more tips on what you can do for when going for a long ride? Let us know in the comments, we love the support we are getting and take your feedback very seriously. Thank you in advance.


– The team

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