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Introduction to running 

Alright, so this one is going to be a bit different from what we usually post. This post will focus on cardio, instead of compound weightlifting. We’ll be discussing some tips on what you can do to run your first 5 km. The more advanced runners, therefore, might not find a lot of useful tips in this post, but straight up beginners will almost definitely find some useful stuff here.

The first thing you should always keep in mind, no matter how skilled you are in running, is to not overestimate yourself and go all-in. I know it can be quite not to get too fast, too quickly because you’re all pumped for that run, but it is very important not to do so because this will destroy your pace and you’ll be out of breath within the first kilometer (0.6 miles).

Second thing therefore is finding your pace. One of the most important things to running is having a steady pace. Especially in the beginning this can be quite hard, ‘cause you don’t really know how fit you are.

Once you’re able to do these things, you can set goals for yourself. When setting goals, it’s important to go for distance rather than for time. The time will come later, it’s important now that you can set (achievable) goals. Distance is more important than time if you’re focused on getting fit.

These were our three tips for your first few runs. Do you have any other tips for beginning runners or any questions? Be sure to leave a comment!

Good luck with your first run.

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