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EXERCISE: The Perfect Benchpress

Good form is crucial in weightlifting. Not having good form will result in muscle aches or in the worst case permanent damage to your muscles. So, working on form is very important. In this post, I’ll be letting you know how I do my perfect benchpress.

Yet again let me know if this helped you or if you disagree with me on some of my points.


Grip divers per exercise in the benchpress spectrum. For instance, you could take a close grip to change the exercise up, however, we will be focussing on the traditional benchpress that everybody knows and loves.

bench grip

The picture shows how I hold a barbell. Barbells have a tiny polished line on the grip part(most of them do at least). This is used to orient your grip. I place my pinky on this line but bigger guys prefer having their hand even further. The rule for me is: Hold the bar just a few centimeters further than shoulder width. You should find a grip that feels right for you, just make sure your grip is wider than your shoulders are apart.

For the main handling, I like to leave my hand open as I have more control over the bar that way. you could leave your hands in a closed position again this is just preference.


The barbell should float right above your head on the rack. This will give enough clearance for the full movement.SF benchpress bar



The movement is fairly simple, Press the bar up and let it slowly come down again. It’s good to look in the mirror with this one, not to look like that one douchy guy that’s always looking at himself while flexing, it’s to learn what proper form is with this exercise. SF benchpress.jpg


the execution will mostly rely on self-taught form, you will figure it out. I hope this kickstarted your upcoming benching adventures.

Have a good one!





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