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I will recommend you do full body workouts for gaining muscle but, if you are working out more than 3 times a week you could treat a separate body part every workout day. I will be posting more one body part only workouts for people to choose from. Warming up is, of course, a really good idea. Just take some light-weight dumbells and do some curls making your muscles warm.

If you disagree with some of my exercise decisions or have some tips for the execution of this workout be sure to comment below, I’d love to learn something from you guys and girls!

Upper body, Arms                                                   time: 45 mins

1. Barbell curl: 3 sets of 10 reps. For weight, I’d say start with the barbell alone as some barbells on themselves already are really heavy. Up the weight as you progress in the coming weeks.

2. Cable tricep extensions: 3 sets 8 reps. If there’s no tricep extension machine available you could change this out for dumbell tricep extensions.

3. Dips: 3 sets 5 reps. This one is really hard to begin with, in a few weeks you’ll get the hang of it though. So don’t be upset if the first time you won’t make the 5 reps.

4. Dumbell curl: 3 sets 5 reps, get some very heavy dumbells for this one as you’ve already done the barbell curl with normal weight. This will make the exercise on its own very different.

5. Tricep kickbacks: 4 sets of 8 reps. Really try to kill those triceps in this one this will be the last tricep exercise of the day so really try to make this one count.

6. Dumbell preacher curl: 3 sets of 10 reps(each arm separate). Last bicep exercise so again do your best.



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