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How I stay motivated

As any other person, I sometimes skip things I shouldn’t skip, procrastinate and overall don’t do shit I should’ve done.Your Motivation is responsible for how you perform at work, at school or in the gym. This post will explain how I motivate myself. Again I’m no saint. This is just my take on motivation.

Motivation is the only thing getting you actually fit or successful, I mean when you’re at the gym or at your workout spot you’ve already committed. You’re not going home after just getting there right? It’s the: ”should I go to the gym today?” question not making you go to the gym(for me at least). I have skipped going to workout numerous times only because I kept asking myself: ”should I go?” I would rather stay at home, playing video games. I didn’t want it enough. But think about this. Why not spend that one hour in the gym and then come back to play video games? There is this motivational speech by Eric Thomas (video). He basically talks about how to get successful, successful in anything you want, by committing to three things. 1. you need to want it as bad as you want to breathe. 2. You’ll need to be able at any given moment to sacrifice what you are for what you want to become. Turn off that damn cell phone, log off from that game, start studying for those upcoming finals and finish your work instead of dropping it at 5 O’clock for the next day because you’ll miss that one show. 3. Pain is temporary. You could be in pain for a week, a month or a year. Trust me it will subside. This post isn’t necessarily about getting fit only, It’s about getting shit done, being successful. I recommend you watching the video as spoken words are more powerful(to me at least).

This is what keeps me motivated to workout, get out of bed, do my school stuff and get to work.  What keeps you guys motivated? let me know in the comments!


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