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Starting my homegym

So I quit my local gym as I haven’t gone enough lately for it to be worth it. I know many of you probably feel the same, however, I am not saying you should quit your gym. My room is spacious enough for a bench for bench pressing/squatting and some weights. For pull-ups, I use the tree in my backyard. I figured I don’t need a gym for the things I do. A big plus for me here is that I can do some morning exercises. Now I don’t have any excuses for not going to workout in the morning.

A full list of links to the equipment I use will come in the near future so there will be a list of the equipment by name not by product.

  1. gym bench
  2. benchpress- / squatting rack
  3. 4 interchangeable plate dumbbells
  4. Barbell
  5. a bunch of plates for the dumbbells and barbell

A punching bag is coming for stamina training, I feel like I left stamina training out for too long. That’s it for today I will be posting more frequently in the future.


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