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As a college student with an extra job I don’t have much time to get around my fitness goals, so going to the gym takes some effort for me with all my studying and work. This workout is one of the 3 I’m currently “trying” to follow, some muscle gain has already been made so I’ll keep ya’ll posted on progress or if I’m going to bail on this routine. expect the other 2 workouts in the following weeks.

Between every set I take roughly a minute of rest to hydrate myself and stare in the depths of the gym. After all compound excercises I’ll do a burning set, just trying to pump my muscle up with halve the weight I would do on the initial set. Good luck!

Upperbody, chest and triceps                                                                                                    Time: Roughly 60 Mins

  1. Barbell benchpress; 3 sets of around 8 to 10 reps at as much weight as you can without pulling a muscle or failing misserably.
  2. Machine flies; 3 sets on 10 reps, you’ll need to figure out yourself what is suitable as weight here.
  3. Inclined dumbell benchpress; 3 sets 8 reps with around 60% the weight you’d do with the barbell, so if you bench 40kg (90lbs) you’ll get two dumbells of 16kg (35lbs). Don’t go and calculate what you lift, just do what feels right and what doesn’t tear your muscle apart. Don’t bite off more than one can chew.
  4. Cable rope tricep pushdown; 3 sets of 10 reps, try to do as much as you can as this is the hardest tricep excercise of the day.
  5. Dumbell shoulder press; 3 sets and yet again 10 reps. Don’t pick too much weight, shoulders will feel very easy to do but always at that one point you’ll collapse. It’s important to not pick too much weight as this could result in awful injuries.
  6. Machine chest press; get that last bit of energy out of your chest with as much weight as you can, and stop when your reps aren’t complete anymore.
  7. Bench dip; This one is for that last bit of tricep energy, if you did everything else right you’ll only make a few reps so that’s a good sign
  8. Push ups; same goes for push ups you won’t make that much reps. you could try combining the dips with the push ups in a super set.



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