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The chest workout you should be doing

Hi, here the chest workout you should be doing So you want to get big huh? Some advice, start with your chest, in a sense that the...

Eating too Much Sugar? Here’s what will happen

Let me start this post off by saying this: I am not even close to being a nutrition expert and I will...

A Quick Full Body Workout Every Student Should Be Doing

Let me guess, too busy to workout? Not anymore. This workout contains everything you need to grow muscle and start reaching your...

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The Tricep Extension - StudentsFit

The Tricep Extension (seated), What you Should Know

The tricep extension is an exercise targeting the ''Muscles triceps brachii." This exercise is an isolation exercise meaning it only targets one...
Deadlift - StudentsFit

Read this Before Doing your First Deadlift

the first deadlift is notorious for giving you muscle aches the day after, trust me if deadlifts always leave you in pain. You're...
How to Perform the Perfect Tricep Dip

How to Perform the Perfect Tricep Dip

If you're an at home-athlete like me and looking for a good tricep workout, I've got the best exercise for you: the tricep dip. A...
How to barbell curl - StudentsFit

How to Barbell Curl properly

So you want to know how to barbell curl. It's very straightforward but there are more things to it than you might think. Let's talk...

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